• Verify a contractor's registration, bond, insurance and infractions.
  • Check to see if a tradesperson is licensed.
  • Find out an employer's workers' comp premium status.

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Hiring a Contractor: What You Need to Know:

Remodeling your house can be a difficult project with all the mess and disruption. How smoothly the job goes depends on the conscientiousness and skill of your remodeling contractor and how wisely you choose him or her. As a homeowner, you can also do a lot to help the job go well. Hiring a good contractor who has his contractor's license and insurance is half the battle, but there are other things you should be aware of as well.

The below link gives you information for checking out your contractor.

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Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Look up an employer's safety inspection history and violations.
  • Track a contractor.
  • Find links to other helpful sites, such as Department of Revenue, Protect My Home and Prevailing Wage.