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Question: Do you offer Free Estimates? 
Answer: Yes, please call to schedule an appointment.

Question: Do you need access to any of my facilities?
Answer: We may need to access some your facilities which may include water, power, restroom, etc.

Question: What is your hourly rate? 
Answer: Fees range from type of project to how long the project takes. Please contact us for rates on your projects and to schedule a Free estimate.

Question: Do you have a Minimum Time Commitment? 
Answer: Yes, we do require at least a two hour minimum per initial visit. 

Question: How is the Labor Time Calculated? 
Answer: Time charged is rounded up to the next half hour increments after the first two hours. (example: If we arrive at 11:00am and work until 1:50pm. Billable time will be rounded up to 2:00pm and you will be billed for 3 hours.) There is no trip or travel fee unless quoted ahead of time due to distance.

Question: What is your Guarantee?
Answer: We guarantee all our labor for 1 year from date of service or repair.

Question: Are there any Material Cost?
Answer: Estimates of materials are based on current prices and will be adjusted at time of purchase. You may supply all or some of the materials yourself, discuss this with the estimator at the time of scheduling. Our one year guarantee does not apply to materials used.​

Question: When is payment required?
Answer: Payment is due at completion of services at the job site. If the project takes longer than 3 days, we do require a deposit every third day, with the final balance due at completion of the project. If we supply a lot of materials we will request a deposit up front. All Special order materials require a deposit before ordering and are non-refundable. Contact the office if payment is not available upon completion before we start any work.​

Question: What are my Payment Options?
Answer: We accept Cash, Checks, Master Card, Visa and Debit Cards. If billing is required it must be arranged before the service is provided.

Question: Are there any Disposal Fees?
Answer: Disposal fees will be based on your project and will be quoted to you in the estimate.

Should you have any other questions please call the Office at (253) 854-0318

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Licensed, Bonded & Insured
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We are Licensed. Bonded and Insured.

Question: Do you have a General Contractor License? 
Answer: Yes, our Washington state contractor license is: Reliah*913RC

Question: What is your General Liability limits? 
Answer: The amount $2,000,000. Our Insurance information is available at any time.

Question: What are your Hours of Servicing? 
Answer: 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday are available for a higher fee. Please call the office for after hour and week-end rates. We sometimes answer the phone in the off hours.

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